Let’s Get Together to Celebrate!

Dear Bumblebees,

I have an announcement to make regarding our 30th Anniversary class reunion. It has not been an easy feat because there are more or less than 36 Classes (those who didn’t have in-person reunions the past 2 years and they share the space with us). That means finding a location for our gathering was very difficult. Most places require a deposit and many were already booked. Yaël D. Agriss worked very hard for several months by contacting several places. With the assistance from Mark Burke and John Skjeveland, a location was found, thank God. The name of place is called the Other Half Brewery. It is not far from Gallaudet and it closes at 10pm. I am sure you all would like to make after-gathering plans.

Here is the schedule for our weekend: Pep Rally at Kellogg Hotel Friday evening and wear your Gallaudet 92 jerseys to show our yellow and black spirit. On Saturday, we meet at the steps of College Hall for our class photo. After that, we meet at Field Hall for the Homecoming Parade. Again, please wear your 92 jerseys. You will need to pay to enter the HC booth area and to watch the HC football game. At 6pm, we meet at Other Half Brewery, 1401 Okie St NE. The link is below. The gathering ends at 10pm. https://otherhalfbrewing.com/location/washington-dc/

You are responsible for your own lodgings. I was informed that the links for the hotels that I posted a while ago don’t work. I tried and they didn’t work for me either. I can try and get assistance from the Alumni Relations but I am not sure if Abby is available anytime soon but once I receive information from her, I’ll share it with you. If possible, you can find your own place to stay either at a hotel or through AirBnb.

One 92er asked me yesterday and I thought maybe many of you might wonder the same thing. There are no registration fees to pay. Just show up and have fun. The only costs you need to pay are your class photo if you wish to have one, a ticket to the game and the booth area and your drinks at the brewery. You are on your own paying for your meals.

Everyone needs to watch out for us. We are the life of the party! They need to run for their lives when our beehive opens up at the Homecoming and out the buzzing bees to swarm the campus again. They need to re-stock up Epi-pens. Be sure to wear your cherished jersey. It would be so great if a yellow/black swarm is going to be very visual in the Homecoming Parade on the field.

More details to follow regarding the times and costs of the Pep Rally, photo and ticket for game and booths. See you at our class reunion. Happy 30th Anniversary to us.

Buzzly yours,

Kathleen Frawley Walter
Class of 1992
30th Anniversary Class Reunion Chair