Let’s Get Together to Celebrate!

Dear Bumblebees,

I feel so honored that you are allowing me to be the 30th Anniversary Class Reunion chairperson. Thank you so much for believing that I could lead this fantastic beehive. I cannot believe that our biggest 25th Anniversary Class Reunion event was two and half years ago. Where did the time go? GASP! We are approaching a big 3-0 in the near future. I am so excited about that and I imagine you all are too. Even though we have plenty of time to plan our event, it does not hurt to get started a little early. This will give us an excuse and an opportunity for all of us together during the planning and re-bond with each other again. This way, we all will be best bee pals by the time of our next class reunion.

The date of our 30th Anniversary class reunion will be on Saturday, October 22, 2022. I am encouraging you to wear your class jersey for the pep rally and the pep rally bash on Friday, October 21st in the evening.. Of course, it is optional. After all, it is Gallaudet University’s HC tradition. We will have our Class Photo taken on the front steps of College Hall, march in the HC parade and we will have our own event in the evening on Saturday. Our schedule will be added to this website and our 92 page on Facebook as soon as it becomes official.

This is still early but it is also a good time to think of how we want to celebrate our 30th anniversary. The 30th Anniversary reunion committee is being formed. There will be plans for our events during the weekend. When time gets closer, you will be informed on which hotels to book. Please watch out for updates here and on our 92 page on Facebook.

The committee will have work cut out for them, you as a Bee have a job too. Your job is to start saving money for your weekend trip to our beloved Washington DC, continue to contribute to our Class Gift Fund for the Kendall Division II Project, and share your ideas on how we should celebrate our anniversary. If you are a Facebook user, please get yourself involved on the our Class of 1992 page. We miss you and want to hear from you. To those who are not Facebook users, please email me at gallaudet1992@gmail.com. I will share your ideas with the committee.

Everyone needs to watch out for us. We are the life of the party! They need to run for their lives when our beehive opens up at the Homecoming and out the buzzing bees to swarm the campus again. They need to re-stock up Epi-pens. Be sure to wear your cherished jersey. It would be so great if a yellow/black swarm is going to be very visual in the Homecoming Parade on the field.

Thanks again for putting your faith and trust in me to make our event a memorable one again.

Buzzly yours,

Kathleen Frawley Walter
Class of 1992
30th Anniversary Class Reunion