Hotel Information

Hello Class of 92ers,

This is Shanda Miller, your Registration Coordinator. Reunion is nearing. I want to explain the procedure of submitting the hotel form for Kellogg Conference Hotel. You would need to download the form. You can either print, fill out and scan or fill out the form via Acrobat Reader then email to Alumni Relations (AR). Alumni Relations (AR) is responsible for the hotel reservations. If you have any questions or concerns regarding the hotel reservations, please contact them directly. We, the registration team are not responsible for hotel reservations. The Class of 1967 who will have their Gold Anniversary reunion at the same time as ours and they will stay at Kellogg Conference Hotel as well. Since that we started this very early, they have not started their registration yet. They plan to launch the registration process on March 7th. This means that they have priority over us to reserve the rooms at the Kellogg Conference Hotel. They are senior citizens and require accommodations than us as we are still young. Because the Class of 1992 is huge and will have a lot of attendees, we are encouraging you to share the rooms with each other to avoid wasting beds. Keep in mind; the hotel has only 99 rooms. Yaël and I got a block of 15 rooms each at two hotels nearby the campus in case if Kellogg Conference Hotel is full. If you have any concerns or questions for Alumni Relations office, see the contact information on the hotel form. The email address is, or call at 202-250-2590 (Videophone), or call at 202-651-5060 (Voice/TTY). Some of you already sent the hotel forms to me. Again, I am not responsible for this. I forwarded them to AR. They will send you the confirmation sometime late in March or April.

More information about the hotels can be found at

Thank you!

Replica Jersey Logo Selection

Hello 92ers!

We just showed the video and some images of a replica jersey via the Facebook page. There are some comments made by 92ers that they prefer the Tower Clock logo for the right sleeve than the 25th Anniversary logo.

If you have not seen the video and images, please go to We want to keep it secret from the outsiders (non-92ers) to surprise them on the Homecoming Day.

Thank you for your time to vote.