Final Class Gift Poll

Hello! Wow! Only 8 more days til the Homecoming! I am so excited to see you all! Now some of you asked me for more details on the top three class gift ideas…

1st- Student scholarship for future deaf students. I know earlier I mentioned there were so many scholarships but after talking with the administration and GUAA, they still need more scholarships. Because many existing scholarships have restrictions such as specific major, race, country or states that they can not use on most students. They want more scholarships with no restrictions. Minimum $25,000 to start up a scholarship.

2nd- Black Kendall School marker. Right now there is a marker hidden behind a hotel sign on the campus and people are not happy with it. There is already a group working on to have it moved and upgraded. The cost will be more than $100,000, but Class of 92 don’t have to pay all of it because there are other organizations working to make it happen. They will recognize our contribution on the improved marker if we decide to help them. Donation minimum $25,000.

3rd- Deaf President Now statue- I thought its a great idea. That concept is completely new and I only know it will cost at least $100,000=$150,000 because it will be a custom-made depending on the size, metal, indoor or outdoor. Nobody has really started looking into this and it will be a big project. Will Class of 92 come up with sufficient fund for this or should we ask other classes to join to make it work?

Now you have details on top three ideas and I encourage you to look and think harder which will benefit Gallaudet University the most. Please vote and we will send out an email on the new voting poll tonight or tomorrow. You will have a week to cast your vote. Then we will announce which idea won the most votes at the banquet.

Please do the poll below.

I can’t wait to see you all! Thumbs up!

Thank you,
Andy Leffler & Bonita Ewan
Class Gift Coordinators