Dear ’92ers,

Yaël and Roberta the co-chairs are very excited to host the Silver Anniversary on our upcoming 2017 reunion year. As you may not realized that Class of 1992 was the largest class in the history of Gallaudet University and we look forward to have us the bumblebees to swarm over the Gallaudet campus once again after 25 long years to build our biggest hive ever. So, can you imagine we all will get together again soon. Ta Ta Ta.

We, the committee have collaborated our time and efforts together to make this program the best, biggest, awesome ever. Since we start planning ahead of time that give us plenty of room to plan everything. Please take a moment to view our website and check out the menu too. Everything is there from registration to hotel booking to programing details.

Lastly, we surely sincerely do look forward to having you here and spending our quality time together. The group photograph will be priceless. Our time together will be priceless too. The whole thing is to be cherished forever afterwards. In closing, we hope to see you there! Nothing more or less.

Bumblebeely yours,
Yaël & Roberta