Class Gift

The Class Gift Campaign provides the Class of 1992 an opportunity to create a legacy at Gallaudet University. This is our way of saying, “thanks!” for the many opportunities our education has provided for us. The class gift funds will be used to support current and future Gallaudet University students. Here are a few examples of how our gift can help:

We choose. We can pick a specific fund or allocate the money to various funds. Examples are academic scholarships to disadvantaged students, money to athletic programs, or funds to maintain various student organizations.

Cultivate future leaders. The Deaf community is sorely in need of strong, competent leaders who will help us navigate through the many challenges facing us. Our Class Gift money will help provide the necessary education and allow for greater out-of-classroom learning.

Flexible Amounts. While we would love for each of us to contribute $100 a month, we know it is not a realistic goal. Instead, we will ask for a one-time contribution of $20. Imagine if only 50 class members gave just $20, the total amount would be an eye-pleasing $1000! A higher amount would be icing on the cake.

The current record for the Class Gift Campaign is $35,000. Can we top it, being one of the largest classes in history? For more information, please contact Andy Leffler and John Skjeveland. Details will be worked out at a later date.